Dr. Edward Dreyfus, Clinical Psychologist in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Edward Dreyfus is a psychologist who specializes in individual psychotherapy, relationship counseling, sex therapy, substance abuse treatment, life coaching and divorce counseling. Dr. Dreyfus serves the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills. He is an educator as well as a psychotherapist, teaching about psychology and psychological issues, as well as being the publisher of five important books in the psychology field.

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Dr. Dreyfus is a big believer in giving back and by purchasing one of his books, you can help him give back! Proceeds from book sales will be donated...

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Lovemaking is like fine dining - Sex is as fundamental to human beings as eating. Desiring food and the need to eat is innate; we are hardwired for it...

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You will also find information on what psychotherapy is, how it works and how it can benefit you...

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Living Life From The Inside Out is an important concept that Dr. Dreyfus invites you to explore to create a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Dr. Edward Dreyfus. relationship counselor, sex therapist and life coachDr. Edward Dreyfus has been in private practice in the Los Angeles-Santa Monica area for over 40 years as a psychotherapist, relationship counselor, sex therapist and life coach.  He is the author of five important books.

I want my books to stimulate thought. I want them to offer an alternative way of viewing oneself, one's relationships, and one's world. I hope that they translate into everyday language some of the psychological concepts that have developed over the past 50 years, which can be helpful to people in thinking about their life.  I want to demystify psychotherapy and psychological issues as part of the human experience rather than as psychopathology. I want my books to make it possible for people to put into action small changes that over time build to significant changes resulting in a happier and more fulfilling life. I also feel it is important to practice what I preach about a complete and fulfilled live, so as a member of my community that enjoys giving back, I am donating ALL royalties from my book sales to community charities.”

As a therapist, Dr. Dreyfus offers a safe, collaborative engagement allowing clients to face the unknown within themselves, in order to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Dr. Dreyfus is a skilled professional who feels privileged to take the journey with his patients as they discover all that they are capable of being.

While we cannot choose the hand we are dealt, we can choose how we will play that hand. Many people who were born with disabilities or into poverty or suffered tragedies due to accidents or circumstance, have managed to take themselves to the pinnacle of success in their lives. Life is filled with roadblocks; our mission is to figure out a way to go over them, around them, or through them. They are merely challenges for us to overcome. My career has been dedicated to working with individuals (and couples) to embrace the challenge knowing that they are not alone.  Personally, I hope that my legacy would be that people remember me for having made a difference in the lives of others, family, friends, clients or patients, and to my community. I would like to be remembered for having lived a life of integrity, where I walked the talk, that I was sincere in my intent and committed in my actions.”
- Dr. Dreyfus

Please call me at (310) 208-5700 or email me at: drdreyfus@docdreyfus.com to discuss how we can work together on your journey.  Please do consider purchasing my books today, the charitable donations from the book are so helpful in this tough economy and I know you will benefit from the real world advice I offer.  Living Your Life From The Inside Out.  It’s a new way of discovering what is in you and creating greater fulfillment in your life.